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We are pleased to offer you a range of Bible book studies which you can work at individually, or as some are doing, in a church or home study group. All our studies are offered free of charge.

As you will see our approach is to work through a book section by section using a combination of explanation and comment with a series of questions on the next chapter or part of the book. We encourage you to use the questions before you read the comment so that God can teach you for Himself. You may then find that the comments add some extra insight but essentially what you have learned will be your own discovery from God. This is the only way we can really grow up towards maturity in Christ.

When you study, we encourage you always first to pray so that your heart is open to God and you are depending on Him. If having done so you meet problems in understanding to which you have not found an answer, we will be very pleased to hear from you and to help where we can. The easiest way is to place your questions in the questions and comments box below titling your message 'Bible study question'. Remember that you do not have to agree with human teachers, only with the Lord Himself!

If you want recognition of the work you have put into the study we are happy to provide this. We do not grade assignments because study as Christians is meant to be about growth in Christ, not just growth in knowledge. If you send us your answers to a course of study we will send you a certificate of participation.

We have just launched a Certificate of Christian Ministry which is made up of 6 courses, Genesis, 1 Samuel, Matthew 1-7, and Ephesians; Biblical Theology and Christ-centered Living. They are available on a CD which we will post to you with a small book. Again there is no charge. If you request this via the Contact Page, with your postal address we will send this to you. This can also be found online HERE.

For those from outside New Zealand wanting to apply to attend our residential school, we ask you to undertake the study in John's gospel, returning your answers to us. We encourage you to do this while your application is being processed. It will also give you a taste of how we approach Bible teaching at Fowey Lodge.

We look forward to being a help to you and seeing how God will bless you as your heart is open to His best in His word.

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