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We are here because meeting God ourselves has been life changing. As time has gone on, a whole team of people have come to share in what God has called us to do. We would like this to be a means of you meeting some of them. Through time God has allowed us to grow, not only into a much larger school, but also to provide a whole range of other activities. There are those in which we are directly involved ourselves such as camps for young people.

We are also encouraging and supporting other ministries which we believe can really make a difference in people knowing Jesus Christ as the one who wants to live within them. We plan to use our site to introduce you to these activities. For some of you, visiting our website will be with the purpose of downloading our Bible School brochure, application form, reference letters and basic study in John's gospel.

If you have any trouble doing this, please let us know. For others, coming to Fowey Lodge is not God's plan for you but we still hope you can benefit from our correspondence courses. There are a wide range of studies on our site based on Bible books, to which we will be continually adding. If you send answers to us, we are happy to send you a certificate acknowledging your study or to help with any questions you may find difficult. Most important however is growth in your relationship with Jesus and your understanding His word.

Our warmest greetings in Christ,

Tony and Christine Hanne

Application form

Click the application form to download and fill it out.

This can be filled out online and returned by email or post.

All contact details are on the application form.

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Dr. Tony Hanne

Originally an atheist raised in England, Tony became a Christian at the age of twenty while studying medicine at Guys Hospital in London. Influenced by the life-changing message he heard through Bible teachers such as D. Stuart Briscoe, John Hunter, W. Ian Thomas, and Leonard Van Dooren, Tony soon became involved in youth ministry and began a Christian movement in the UK that came to be known as 'coffee bar evangelism'. Qualifying as a medical doctor, Tony practiced briefly in England before moving to NZ and then two years later founding Fowey Lodge Bible School in 1966. "Many years ago, says Tony, "I asked the question, should I be a Bible teacher or a medical doctor? I did not receive an answer so I have continued doing both. As a doctor I am faced with the hard realities of ordinary life among people who need hope. The Bible message alone gives lasting hope. As a Bible teacher, I am aware that the wonderful message of the gospel of Christ needs real life illustration. Medical practice brings heavenly theory down to earth. I so much enjoy both parts of my life." Tony is married to Christine and they have two adult sons.

Frank Hutchinson

Frank has been involved in full-time Christian work for many years, ministering to all ages. For more than 25 years now Frank has also been a lecturer at Fowey Lodge Bible School. As he says in his own words "It has been my privilege to teach hundreds of students from all around the world during this time." Frank is currently Advisory Pastor at the Pakuranga Christian Fellowship, Auckland NZ.

Paul Crowhurst

Paul is the Principal at Papatoetoe East Primary School in East Auckland. He has taught in NZ and overseas for many years in public and private schools. For an even longer time, Paul has had a passion for communicating the simple yet profound truth about Christ. His book 'Just Jesus' is a must read. Paul is married to the wonderful Donna and they have three children.

Wayne Attenborrow

Wayne is a Registered Nurse who works in the field of mental health and addictions. Prior to becoming a nurse he was a freelance personal trainer and has spent over 17 years working with people. Wayne hopes that students will grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and trust that knowing Him is all they need. They can know who He is, who they are in Him, that they have a purpose on earth and security in heaven.

Neil Furness

Neil was born in South Africa and has spent the last 43 years in New Zealand. He is married to Val and they have five children and 11 grandchildren. Neil was raised in a "low Anglican" church in Mossel Bay", S.A. Since his conversion he has attended Baptist, Reformed, Presbyterian and Anglican fellowships appreciating various doctrines, church history and all the while growing in faith. He is interested in Apologetics and has previously used "Unlocking the Scriptures" by David Pawson in his involvement with the Bible School. Neil is a Beekeeper and Teacher at a Special Needs school

Nick Hanne

Jack Kwon

Dick Park

Rob Mcarthur

Carl fourie

Carl is a High School Mathematics teacher who has recently arrived in New Zealand from South Africa. He is a member of a local church here in East Auckland.

In South Africa, Carl has served as an elder at his church. He has been a member of teams for mission work, outreaches and Church plants. He has been involved in Christian Radio ministry, speaking at Youth Summits, promoting days of prayer for the Persecuted Church and mentoring young men in their faith.

Carl's main emphasis in Bible teaching is to help people see Jesus in all of Scripture (including the Old Testament), according to Jesus' own words in Luke 24:44 that "everything written about Me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled".