We are here because meeting God ourselves has been life changing. As time has gone on, a whole team of people have come to share in what God has called us to do. We would like this to be a means of you meeting some of them. Through time God has allowed us to grow, not only into a much larger school, but also to provide a whole range of other activities. There are those in which we are directly involved ourselves such as camps for young people.

We are also encouraging and supporting other ministries which we believe can really make a difference in people knowing Jesus Christ as the one who wants to live within them. We plan to use our site to introduce you to these activities. For some of you, visiting our website will be with the purpose of downloading our Bible School brochure, application form, reference letters and basic study in John's gospel.

If you have any trouble doing this, please let us know. For others, coming to Fowey Lodge is not God's plan for you but we still hope you can benefit from our correspondence courses. There are a wide range of studies on our site based on Bible books, to which we will be continually adding. If you send answers to us, we are happy to send you a certificate acknowledging your study or to help with any questions you may find difficult. Most important however is growth in your relationship with Jesus and your understanding His word.

Our warmest greetings in Christ,

Tony and Christine Hanne