Fowey Lodge
Bible School


We are delighted to be able to welcome you to Fowey Lodge, at least on a computer screen if not in person.

The amazing world of internet will, we hope, allow us to be of some help to you to meet Jesus Christ or to get to know Him better. We are here because meeting Him ourselves has been life-changing.

Tony Hanne (Principal, Founder)


our vison

Our vision sprang in the first place from Acts 19:10 where Paul used a borrowed school to teach a small group of students who were really hungry to learn all that they had in Jesus Christ. He taught them for 2 years so that 'all who lived in Asia heard the word of the Lord'.

Asia in those days was only a small province of the Roman Empire, not a vast continent. This outreach happened because people like Epaphras (Col 1:7; 4:12) returned to their own community to share what they had discovered of the riches of God's grace.

When the Lodge began it was with just a small group of students all of whom were from New Zealand and returned to their own people.

As time has gone on the number of students and the countries they come from have grown greatly, but the principle remains the same. Our future is not about numbers but quality, compassion and creativity.

We want to do what we do very well using to full advantage the people and resources God entrusts to us. We want to explore all kinds of new ways of accomplishing an old purpose, to know Him and make Him known.